About Procter Services

It was 2003 or thereabouts, when Jon and Sharon Procter owned several smoothie businesses with lots of commercial blenders that needed regular servicing.

Jon is the quintessential ‘just get it done’ type of guy. He saw a problem and found a way to fix it. Because of his drive and work ethic, Procter Services was born and became the first pilot program for outsourcing warranties, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Sharon keeps things running smoothly in the shop, setting up procedures, checking on warranties, and keeping everything organized and efficient.

Their motto: We want to give all the value we can.

That’s why they fix anything and everything that’s broken on your coffee/tea or frozen beverage machine, not just the obvious issue you noticed. Their quality of work and speed at getting it done is what helped make them the successful company they are today. They work closely with many major manufacturers to take care of their warranty work.

Jon and Sharon Procter of Procter Services are just one more example of a small town successful business living the American Dream.

Keep your eyes open, work hard, and fill a need.