Certified & Warranty Blender Repairs

Procter Services is an Authorized Warranty Provider for the following commercial frozen beverage machine manufacturers:

  • Vitamix Corp (see the repair form at the bottom of this page)
  • Frosty Factory
  • Sani Serv
  • Bunn
  • Curtis
  • GrindMaster Cecilware
  • Hamilton Beach

When you need to mail Procter Services your broken blender, we have a short checklist for you to follow to make it easy because when you have a commercial blender on the fritz, you need it taken care of quickly, with as little disturbance to your business as possible.

Just follow the procedures below for mailing your coffee/tea and frozen beverage blenders to us for repair.

Here’s how to send your broken commercial blender to Procter Services:
  1. Make sure you remove any plastic/acrylic sound covers (we don’t cover damage), rubber centering pad and any gaskets.
  2. Box it up and send it to our shop: 647 Clara Ave, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  3. Include a packing slip with the contact person/decision maker’s name, phone number, and address for return and authorization for any repairs not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
Here’s what happens when your broken frozen beverage machine arrives in our repair shop:
  1. The blender is carefully removed from its box, logged into the shop, and checked on the computer for any warranty.
  2. Then Procter Services technicians diagnose the issue, and even if it’s still under warranty, we’ll contact you and let you know what’s wrong, and verify the address to return it to once it’s repaired.
  3. Repair, receive payment for anything not under warranty, and ship back to you.
This is what you need to do once you receive your repaired equipment:
  1. Unpack the blender, plug it in, and try it out to make sure it’s working properly.
  2. DON’T let it sit on a shelf for months before verifying that it’s been repaired.

** Our average turn time is 2 -3 days, as long as contact can be made with the commercial blender owner who must authorize any repairs not covered under warranty and payment of services rendered.

**We do not cover sound covers, gaskets, or cups from damage or loss.

Blender Repair Form for Vitamix Commercial Blenders

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